I got a new PC.

Began to install shiz.

Theres nothing more annoying that power outages.

Thats all.

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    UPS !

    That's why I have a quarter of a ton one sitting downstairs.
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    @Nanos otherwise yes but i dont have that much money after i built this beast (pc in the pic)
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    I had one upstairs once, but only over the top of a solid load baring wall underneath !
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    Consider using mentioned UPS.

    You will be surprised how many too low or too high voltage situation you are having. These can shorten your PC life so better find a couple of gold coins for your metal friend :)
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    @SystemZ So i guess:
    (ctrl+0)(ahk to open up a custom notepad with grive sync) Note to self: get an UPS (ctrl+s)
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    Note, getting an UPS to work is like wrestling with getting MS Windows to work nicely for you..

    If you get an APC one, here is one of the steps you might need to take in your quest to tame it !

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    @Nanos oo, thanks!
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    And if you are into complicated stuff:

    > Adusting battery float voltage on
    > APC Smart-UPS SUA1000/XL

    Details about different voltage requirements for different battery types.

    That reminds me, as the site is back up now, I'd better get it archived for the next time its needed, as I've not seen that info anywhere else !

    Related link:

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    This is handy too, for making up your own cheap configuration/etc. cable:


    I recently made up a 5m+ one so I didn't have to lug UPS or PC around to be closer. :-)

    Lugging heavy batteries upstairs isn't fun. :-)

    Throwing a long cable downstairs, much easier !
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    If the model you get takes one of these, its quite a cheap card to use to network it:

    APC 9631

    Usually around $40 on Ebay 2nd hand.


    Note: some cards only work on specific UPS models !
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    @Nanos wow i will get one ASAP!!
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    Take time and research just which model !

    I went for one of these myself:


    Reason being its 24v battery pack, so if you run with 4 x 12v and one battery dies, its fairly easy to rewire into 2 x 12v and continue working.

    You can also extend battery range with a little hacking. (Or just a made up thick cable extension.)

    Runs about 980w, but the fan starts up when at 80% load, and is quite loud..

    Some of the newer models, I hear the fan is on 24/7, which might rather annoy you as its quite loud !

    Note: lead acid batteries can suffer from thermal runaway and ideally like to work in cool conditions (20c), so if possible, find a cool place to keep it working and run long cables to it.

    You also might want a bypass switch, they are handy, I recently got one:


    Around $100 second hand on Ebay.

    Country specific !

    Then you might want to keep a selection of fire extinguisher to hand..
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    @Nanos fire extinguisher = ✓
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    Once one of mine went into thermal runaway, but hadn't yet exploded.

    I turned it off and the batteries took like 4 days to cool down !

    That's when I lived in a place where the temperature never went below 30c, eve in the winter with the AC on full blast !

    Would go above 55c in summer..

    Now I live not far from the one of the Poles, its much cooler. :-)
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    If you rely on just connecting UPS to a PC, and no network card, and you want email notification, you will need something like your own email server on the same PC, as its rather restricted in its features.

    Think, obviously someone who worked for MS, must have worked on this too, to make it a bit crappy in places..

    It doesn't just, plug in and work nicely. :-)

    Also, don't go too small, or it won't handle the startup currents so to speak.

    They struggle with big CRT monitors for example, and fridges/freezers..

    The 980w is about the biggest one to plug into an ordinary plug socket you can get, though I think Dell did once do a larger model.

    After that, its extra expense to get bigger sockets installed, and bigger more expensive battery packs/etc.

    The XL series is quite nice for easy daisy chaining of extra battery packs. (Which come in nice steel boxes!)

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    Hopefully that gives you a bit of a head start on what getting one can involve.
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    @Nanos yeah well gotta save money for that!
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    Yeah, everything costs !

    I went for 2nd hand APC as it appeared the best bangs per buck.

    2nd hand APC 1500i UPS without batteries is around $75 USD.

    Batteries, well, new, really expensive !

    I got a set of new 4 * 75Ah 12v for mine, cost around $700 for AGM models, the previous batteries managed to last 10 years, they usually only manage 6 to 8 at best.

    I went that route as I was getting several powercuts a day, and it would take me half an hour to an hour to get all the servers/workstations back up and running again afterwards, so lots of lost dev time.

    Now where I am, we get less powercuts, but they last for hours when they do happen !
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    @Nanos owo sad ;/
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