Is anyone here in to modding Nintendo stuff?

I used to do custom Homebrew mods for the Wii and had installed Linux on a DSi.

Now my current project is messing around with ACE (arbitrary code injection) in super Mario world.

This concludes ewpratten's useless post.

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    I have backlit several of my Gameboys and made a pro-sound mod for one. Going to install a VGA output in my main Gameboy.... that's modding Nintendo stuff innit?
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    I’m neck deep in writing a new HID pad driver for the Wii U version of RetroArch.
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    @gblues I am currently using bizhawk because it has a built in hex / ram editor. Are there any better options?
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    @R5on11c @gblues

    I am using sethbling's jailbreak method to make some cool stuff. Currently I have some stuff set up that auto beats the game.
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