So.. Godot and C++, good combo for writing cross platform games in 2D/3D and applications that are also possible to run in a webrowser ?

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    Which framework do you use for it?
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    I don't understand the question. :-)

    Creating code on Windows 10 PC, to run on that, and Linux, Android, Apple mobile and desktop.

    Also want to run in most popular browsers, eg. Firefox, Chrome, IE.
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    That a game engine though..? Who cares about playing games in browsers? Unless your target group are the ones who play candy crush on the Facebook website, or used to play flash games 10 years ago.
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    Yes, but game engines can be used to create applications though can't they ?

    I want a game, that is compatible with my application, so. :-)

    Yes, part of my target group is the Candy Crush brigade. :-)

    So I could do with something so idiot proof, they can use it in a browser.

    Leaving the rest of us to download and install it.
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