Oh the joy of working on service. Customer's website uses a web service to fetch a lot of their data via SOAP. We get a call on Monday that it's not working anymore. I start debugging and find out that the format of the response changed and that the code isn't working anymore with the changed response. I call the Webservice company to verify. "oh yeah, we updated the data set."
Me: Great, who needs communication about that kind of stuff anyways? - There was no notification in any form of this change. I spend hours adapting the code so it works again and had it fixed by Monday evening. Today I get a call from the customer "Hey, it's not working again!". Great. I call the web service. "Oh yeah we didn't originally mean to change the format, so we reverted it again!" - Again no communication whatsoever. I don't think I have ever been as grateful for version control. And as pissed off with a company.

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    @Condor I have told me colleagues I need a bigger nerf gun for this. But your option also sounds nice.
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    This is one reason why i try to ignore APIs or make them not required to run :/
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