bool frustration = true;

*sigh* my gf's bday is sunday and I've been working on this game for her as a surprise. I added a (probably much needed) feature, which works for the most part, but now it's clashing with another script. Another issue is I have a lot of things to take care of starting tomorrow, so I won't exactly have too much time to work on this and now I'm going to make a cup of coffee, grab my vaporizer and put more effort into it. What I like though is with this game and the one I made her for Valentine's day, I learned more about Unity than i knew before.

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    @skydeveloper I've actually made a new video since that last one I posted.


    And even with that one I now posted, I've tweaked some more stuff since.

    I drew inspiration from the stuff my gf has been writing about, hence the soft background music. I know she'll love it, but I've had the typical issue of fixing one bug and creating two more haha. And that's great that you're going to be doing one for your friend. Let us know how it comes along
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    I see that code and immediately lint is having a go at me in my brain.
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    @nathunandwani unfortunately the money I was going to use for a gift to go along with the game had to be spent on something more urgent, so I'm completely broke until next week and can't afford to buy anything. But I can of course make that up once I'm good on cash :) And thank you for the birthday wishes.
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    @Heatstreak oh trust me, I've moaned and complained plenty about the problems I'm having with my code, for what she believes is my main project, so when she finds out that it was because of the game she'll know about my effort haha
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    @gashadokuro dude so confident that his gf isn't on devrant. anti climax awaits if that ain't true xP
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    @pretz haha yeah I am confident
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    Hi, I am asked to get tutorials on unity then to make a presentation where I help my coworkers learn working on unity and it should be great one, is there some specific topics that I should focus on in the presentation???
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