So, an introduction story from a few years ago.

Our school had a scheme where you paid for a crappy netbook (think 2012 Atom processor) which they installed Windows 7 professional along with their standard monitoring software. Needless to say, it ran slower than molasses with the inadequate 1 gig of RAM.

So I went to boot from an SD card, but was prompted for a password.
So irritated me removes the hard drive and runs ophcrack against password file. One local admin with a very short password: 966 (posting since I know they don't use it any more).
I try the password as the BIOS password and I'm in like Flynn. After trying a few distros out, I settle on Puppy Linux and go in to school the following day, happy knowing that this overpriced n chine could actually be used for work.
Just out of interest, I try the password on a friend's netbook. It works. The entire domain had images with an active local admin with a 3 digit password.

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    Welcome to devRant!

    Loved your analogies by the way lol
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    Yay for Puppy Linux! 😄
    That was my distro of choice in high school
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    Never heard of that distribution before
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    @gitpull One of its main features was that everything ran in a ramdisk. It was so incredibly fast.

    I kept a flash stick with puppy. it saved my butt numerous times.
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