Dad's are the best:
My dad is a very hard working man, and he still sometimes has time to check what im doing, for example he got me my first PC when Mom didn't want one for me.
The reason mom didint want a PC for me was I'd be on it for hours and hours a day, but dad still got it for me and if he wouldn't had: I probably wouldnt be getting a stipend of being "good in it" (or something like that) and teaching other students about IT / Robotics etc for a hobby.

Thanks dad i love you.

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    I think it's great when parents encourage hobbies, especially computer related ones. A child's minor interest in how they work could be the key to them living a better life.
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    @Razzmatazz True, can confirm and i have way more self control of my time than my friends nowadays.

    Again, i love you dad.
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    It's also good to have the balance of both parents with differing views. It's fortunate that your dad was there to help facilitate that aspiration for you, but it was also fortunate you had your mother there too, to see a bit of the other side of things.
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    @Arro True, tho mom wasn't really nice.

    She had a rough childhood and i guess tried her best, love you too mom.

    Also devrant seems to be a nice community.
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    @singh029 o fucking shit
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