Off topic I know, sorry. Needed to vent.

So, right now I am studying Maths / Physics at University, but before that I got a HNC qualification in Applied Sciences.

While I was at college we had a very nice maths lecturer. I won't mention her name but she was very good at what she did and she always had a laugh with us.

Today, I visited the college to say hello to everyone, only to find out that she'd been removed from the building just moments before I arrived because she had a literal mental breakdown. She couldn't take the stress from the students who refused to do the work.

It all started when she tried to get in the lift. Everyone at the college knows she is very claustrophobic and so when she gets in a lift, everyone has to get out. No big deal. Except this one girl in her class, who is especially ignorant, refused to move and it sent the lecturer, who had been on the edge of a breakdown for weeks, into a blind rage. She ran up to the student and threatened to fight her if she didn't move. Other lecturers ran out and separated the two, only for the lecturer to throw her entire box of teaching supplies down the hall, smashing it into a million bits. She then proceeded to smash her head against the wall and shout "doesn't it feel better when you hit your head against a wall?". She was immediately escorted off the premises. No ambulance called. No support. Nothing.

It's safe to say her career is ruined.
Her teaching permit will be revoked indefinitely.
She'll never teach again.
She's lucky if she doesn't get arrested.
She's still not getting the help she needs because noone can be bothered dealing with it.

And its all because she couldn't handle the stress of the class she was teaching. A class that went out of their way to be mean and deliberately not do the work, because they knew they would get away with it.

I also blame the college. They were warned several times that she wasn't coping and the behaviour of the students and they did nothing. Nada.

A lovely woman who was brilliant at her dream job has been rendered jobless and mentally unstable in minutes.

All for what?

This event in particular strikes a chord with me because I suffer from mental health issues also - mostly anxiety. And lately its been getting worse. Sometimes I feel like the world is passing me by and I have no idea what I'm doing and if I'm going to fail at life, but I have support. I have counsellors and therapists if I need them. She didn't.

Sometimes I hate this world.

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    Was not expecting that feels trip. Wow 😢😭the pollen is really out this spring right everybody. That’s what’s got my eyes watering so damn much
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    It’s sad that the college hadn’t tried to offer some support, especially if the lecturer had some problems for awhile and the class is especially bad. I do have one concern though, why couldn’t the lecturer wait for the students to use the elevator first and then go in after, rather than asking them to get out? There’s no excuse to threaten a student, especially for someone in her position.
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    Don't hate the world. The world didn't do anything. It was the fucking people.

    People are stupid, mean, and selfish.

    It's really sad how they fired the teacher because of her mental health. Sometimes it can get out of control. I'm a very calm person, but I know I'll snap one day. I get the urge to yell and curse at everyone in the class, and sometimes I want to throw everything on my desk to the floor. Even if no one makes me mad. These urges are powerful and hard to control.

    Kudos to your teacher for keeping it together for this long, because it's really hard. She was pushed to her limit, so it wasn't her fault. Sometimes students are stupid and they wouldn't understand the struggle some people go through.

    At least you're the smart one. There's really nothing you can do about it, except talk to your teacher--If she's still there--and remind her that not everyone is against her.
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    Thankyou, @Michelle. I completely agree with you. I think that's what I should do.
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    That was nice of you, @N0LL. Thankyou, you made me smile ☺
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    I honestly thought you were a female before i clicked on the rant. Sorrry.
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    @rasm945i Believe me, that's not an insult. Happy belated National Women's Day haha
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    @nvai wait what. Now im confused
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    @rasm945i Haha you apologised for thinking I was female. Don't worry about it.
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    @nvai oh yeah.. happy tiddy day :)
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