How do you guys use Github as a portfolio? What I mean is that almost all of my more serious projects are on private repos, so most of my public stuff is mostly just junk.

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    Make your serious stuff public ;)
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    @mundus Oftentimes it is.
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    The reason is that it's part of company projects or similar things. But I also guess you can have developed software that you want to keep secret for creating your own company or something.
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    Well if someone contributes to open source there will be a long list of forked repo they contributed pr to.
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    I agree that most of your portfolio may be private because if you're paid for that you do not have the option of making it public but you may have build some libraries/packages/snipplets that may be publicly released and/or used as a demo of what you can do.

    Releasing a docker image/shell script/Laravel package will not hinder your work but may prove that you know whay you're doing in that context
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    @mundus Either you make your stuff public or you don't have a portfolio. Simple.
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    Damn, I never thought of it. But you're right, all the cool shit I've done, I can't show it.

    Well I guess I'll have to spend more time on my personal projects. 😎
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