Trying to decide on a JS framework to learn. Any suggestions?

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    AngularJS 2
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    node + react
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    React + redux. Throw in some webpack and gulp and a little karma for unit testing and you're in business.
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    I'm also intrigued by meteor. I haven't done a ton with it, but the features seem pretty cool.
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    if u are building spi, try sails js. its framework built upon node js uses express js underneath
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    AngularJS or Angular 2.0
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    @askerr Love React, second that loveliness.

    Sidebar (if you'd be so kind):

    In your opinion, assuming fair knowledge and experience of unit testing in the context of C#, how long do you reckon it would take to get up to speed with something like Karma?
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    Just started an internship a couple months ago and was familiar with webpack/grunt/gulp etc, but never used karma before. Not really any legitimate unit testing experience in general. Given that, it only took me a couple of days to get 90+ percent unit test coverage on the application I developed this summer. So, not long lol
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    @askerr thanks a bunch.

    I can't begin to tell you how long things stay on my todo list because I'm not sure of the time commitment required to learn them.
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    @chrizzle tell me about it. Especially now that you can spend multiple days making build decisions for web applications. I personally love react/redux/webpack/gulp but I'm also fully aware there's going to be a new framework that I fall in love with before the end of the year lol.
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