Me: *works all day and night to finish project before deadline*

Me: *has constant anxiety attacks. I'm gonna fail*

Me: *gets home and takes a 4 hour nap*

Everyone: OMG! I never see you doing any work. All you do is sleep and stare at your computer screen ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT! You need to get a job and do something with your time instead of being a lazy shit!

And people wonder why I have no fucking motivation to do these things. You are not helping my anxiety, woman!

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    :( I feel you dude...
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    @nvai Dude.. fuck everyone else.. Just do what you're doing and relax every once in a while.. !!
    Cheers !!
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    Proper application of paycheck to face should quell that nonsense.
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    Interviewer: "Can you handle stress? Can you concentrate in a noisy environment?"
    Me: "Sure, I have a wife and 2 kids" 😁
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    @irene Haha. That's a whole other rant in itself haha.

    Day #6680: Still no date. Mother is bitching, again...
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    @FunkDelegate hahaha I'm like the opposite.. I can't because I have a wife and one kid, it stresses me the fuck out.
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    @azous That's exactly my point. I've got a lot of practice 8)
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    Is that all I am to you?
    I am disappointed, @irene. I thought we meant more to each other.
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    @Irene! I would never.
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    @irene yep, I'm just another trap like you 😘
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    The more women, the more joy! (Let me enjoy my joyful bliss, my illusion it's full of female devs)
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