Going to write 15 A4 pages long doc about app that only purpose is to calculate 2 numbers.
OMG how the fuck I'm supposed to do that ??????
Code and Pics are allowed too but those will help only little bit.

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    Write only on one side of the page. Add title page and TOC.
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    draw it :)
    12 drawings and pages and 3 pages text and screenshoots.
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    System requirements to run the program, specific cool looking stats, tell the compiler including compiler options, and make a bash script about it.

    so on and so forth
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    Do a nice cover on the first page (company logo, title of the paper, date, etc), add an index to the second page, a foreword and a theory heavy introduction and some quotes and maybe a screenshot. Leave the last page for a conclusion and references. This way you will actually write about a page worth of text.
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    yeah and copy paste some design principles, that will take 2 pages xD

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    Show the binary addition and adder circuits
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    Hey, it's math, do the math.
    Just show the definition of natural numbers, discuss wether Zero is included or not, do some algebra and set theory, show how calculation is defined, in theory, there should be at least a handful proves inside.
    And then, after like 14 pages, describe your Code, shortly, as an application for the (theoretical) math.

    (math is like xml. If you cannot do it with math, use more math).
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    @nerdbeere I totally love this idea.
    But very sadly can't use it since they require me to write it in normal form and so must prove my work by their way.
    But fuck them I will smash some beautiful math in there.
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    After smashing some math looooooooooot of code that wasnt even in the app and screenshots of the design im close to done only 5 pages left finallllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    Also im not from USA.

    While i speak fluent english (I still have some mistakes here and there but you know)

    The fucking Keyboard layout that my country uses(I use Dvorak but i know USA qwerty very good) is just sooooooo fucking wrooooooong they have qwertz the upper numbers do not have characters but another letters that are normallz used here ľščťžýáíé i was so confused maaaaaaaan.

    Fuck that lets just write it.
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