Not sure if I should complain about this.

Everytime I do homeworking and finish my tasks, I have to beg for new ones and hours can pass.

So here I'm in front of a computer, with an xbox controller at the reach of my hand, but too guilty to do anything funny while I wait.

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    And this is where side projects begin to exist.

    When we learn something new (since it's an intro class, nothing too hard) then I'd do the work and start small side projects.

    Example of this: When we learned if else and else if statements, I would just write long extended conditions to practice.

    I do believe there was a rant by @Michelle at the time where she was struggling to come up with a topic to write. All I can definitively remember is I wrote a simple project that took users input for 1) the number of potential topics they have 2) The topics they have. It then was assigned a number using the randint, for that number of potential topics. Then used the else/if/else if statements to print out which topic they should use.

    Sorry if it's hard to follow my comment, it's kind of unorganized but makes sense to me lol
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    @jhh2450 where you answering to me? I'm a bit lost
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    @organic-ai The point of it: Use side projects if you're wanting more work.

    The rest was an example of one of my side projects lmao
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    @jhh2450 It is not that I want more projects. It is just that I have dead time at working hours (I'm not s freelancer)
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