I 'work' at a Minecraft server btw.

So here I am, 12 o clock, chatting with my friends, nothing weird here.

An employee of our hosting company sends me a message, because he knows we are hosting there. He asks us if we have changed our DNS for the server move. I was scared for a second, and asked 'what server move?'

He tells me that our server will be moved to "a better performing node". He told me that all server owners were alerted over email.

So here I am, 12:30 at night fixing my DNS settings and hoping that everything goes all right.

Damn, I hate it when people don't property communicate their maintenance dates with the rest of the team, does anyone relate?

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    Did you check the legitimacy of the DNS change with other members of the team? Easiest way for hackers to do nefarious things thanks to good ol' social engineering.
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    @laceytech Yes, I checked it with all members that were online. I have sent a message to the rest of the team to see if it's set-up properly.
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    @andros705 link to the emulator please?
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    @D3add3d you can just get the java executable that the official website provides
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    @c3ypt1c learn to read, he said JS, I know about the Java executable, I am a Minecraft server admin since Beta 1.7.3 😉
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    @D3add3d sorry, I was reading fast and thought he meant Java 😂😂
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    @andros705 well, it's emulating a Minecraft server for the clients so it is an emulator, or am I wrong? (Programs which allow you to host private World of Warcraft servers are also called emulators because they emulate the official servers for the game)
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    That's really weird. Did someone and up moving it in your team? Who do you use for hosting?
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    @sslPoodle We use "kaashosting" for our hosting.. They send an email (the day before I think..) to tell us that they'll move it.. nobody read it so I depended on that one message and getting to bed a little late..

    Worth it 😂
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    @MrWouterNL 😂👍
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    I didn’t know people really still did MC servers. I have fond memories of playing on me and my friend’s server.

    Often think about booting the game up and just zoning out again.
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