Not entirely sure, but it must have been nineteen or twenty years ago, when I experimented with HTML and CSS for the first time.

At that time I took my time devouring the source of SelfHTML (anybody?) completely offline after I had downloaded it at a friend's who was about the only one I knew who had an internet connection.

I messed around with it for weeks, obsessed with it after I quickly understood the purpose of CSS others didn't seem to understand: that you could use CSS to only style whereas HTML was merely for structuring your content.

It may sound totally trivial and silly, but in 1998/1999 the web began to become and remained table after table inside table for years, and it was at that time when I already build the most complex layouts possible with the CSS available at that time instead of abusing tables.

The fun I've had. It was like Lego for the computer, but better.

Yep, CSS, HTML, and later JavaScript, made me want to become a developer in the first place.

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    Pretty much the same here, only difference is I started 2-3 years ago.
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    Even when I started table layouts were still a thing on many, many websites, which is very sad since that was only 10 years ago.

    When I learned about actual CSS instead of stupid inline shit with only the most common used things, I was already way ahead of most people I knew at that time because people still had this weird "Websites are tables in tables because how else would you align content properly?" thought. Many people learned HTML at that time and didn't see a use in CSS.

    It's good how much everything developed since then but very sad to still see table layouts sometimes.
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    @olback Same here.
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    I remember around that time frame (maybe a little later) and everything was tables then saw csszengarden site for the first time and mind was blown with how the styles of the site could change everything with css.
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    Did someone hack your acc? A rant without a single swearword? From you? O.o

    Lol jk nice rant 👌
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    @Kodnot You can tell.it's mine though, due to how mutilated 'javascript' to become 'jacmvascrilt'.

    Seriously, how the fuck did I overlook that?
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    @arcadesdude Yeah, that's a classic. I enjoyed it browsing through it too.
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    Back then we called it DHTML :) that was well before the glossy days of "Web 2.0"
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    @lsmz i just remembered all the "Web 2.0 Download Button" Photoshop and Gimp tutorials.
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    oh geez. I don't think I have internet 12 years ago
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    I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of css1 and css2 before now

    (Damn I have a long way to go)
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    Oh the memories... 😊
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    @Alice that actually flashed so many memories infront of me, thanks for that
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    Your post made me think of mambo, or even before phpbb stuff that I was mingling with when I was a teen *-*

    When to install a plugin you had to manually change line by line the code
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