How does everyone here deal with a client who's just asking too much?

Situation: biggest client. Paying fairly well but not amazingly. My boss loves them and they're generally okay but recently they've been asking a fucking lot and I can't handle it all. It's really advanced stuff I am not okay with and I've communicated this to the boss but he's just seeing he money.

I'm so fucking stressed all the time. I'm barely getting sleep just so I can keep up and it's just too much.

Should I just tell them I can't do it? Or should I do something else?

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    the stress is killing you. expliain that to the boss, and take a couple of days sick/vacation immediatly to wind down. Then Fail a couple of deadlines.
    make sure the boss knows that the reason is impossible deadlines.
    in case he does not get the idea, submit your resignation letter.

    Your boss will work you to the absolute limit if you will allow it. Do not cooperate.
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    You should rename yourself to FontOfInfiniteWisdom or something similar.

    Thank you. I guess I should just be more forceful. My health is more important than the job.
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    @Charon92 nope. TooCynicalForThisShit is more like it.

    But srsly, make sure the boss knows that money is not everything - work life balance is important.
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    Schedule a meeting ASAP with your boss, and say one of the following, depending how gutsy you are:

    "_______, I'm having difficulty with _______. They're pushing too many tasks on my plate and it's overloaded as it is. I'm under a lot of unneeded stress and if we can't work together to reduce this stress, my work will suffer in quality. I would really appreciate if you can talk to them to help set realistic expectations."


    "_______ is overwhelming me to the core. While I hope that you defer to me and my expertise in programming, I defer to you and your expertise in business to manage the clients and set realistic expectations with them. They are anything but realistic in what they are asking of me. I really need you to step up and handle issues like these so I don't burn myself out, requiring me to take reactive measures by finding a more suitable work environment."
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