My first neural network.
Ohhhhh that was beautiful.

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    What did it do?
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    @j4cobgarby Calculate perfect ratio of flavour to milk in pancakes.

    Well it turn out that it failed.

    Then i changed it to simple math and it worked perfectly i think i just needed more powerful PC but well it was over 2 years back.
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    How did it work? That sounds really cool
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    that feeling that you made a piece of silcon "learn"
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    @j4cobgarby Well i used loooooooooooot of receipes from online cut of unused part and let it learn. And well pretty match normal math neural net (Use DuckDuckGo)
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    @Haxk20 hahaha, what?

    Seriously, what does this statement mean? I’m a neural network/AI/ML noob and people just usually spawn nouns out of nowhere when describing these things.

    Please explain a little more. Thanks.
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    @enoon have you ever made neural net ? If not then when you teach it you most of the time don't know what its doing. Since all you see are weight's. Its not easy to explain.
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