Right now it's raining in São Paulo, and quite a lot.

While I also worry about it because of usual stuff (floods, infiltration, etc.), I'm also jumping like a little kid.

Puddles? No! Free bath? Almost!

It comes with a free excuse to NOT do work because of a small power outage, caused by poor maintenance of utility poles in my street.

Actually, one of the transformers in one of the poles just goes "bzzt" then "blam!" and then we have to wait for them to repair after rain stops.

It's always like this.

I know, it's NOT a good thing. But it's not bad to have a little rest, right?

It's pretty sad to reach a state where I'm happy when these things happen. :/

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    Well... The Americans love their DC corrent...
    I'm glad that Europe uses AC.... Lower prices, less power shortages, less dangerous
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    @RodrigoF sometimes I wish we had better power lines and maintenance in general

    sometimes, though, I'm glad I can use it as an excuse for some well needed rest :P
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