I'm one of the few that seems to actually love JavaScript. But even as a big JS fan, there is absolutely NO FUCKING EXCUSE for JavaScript's shitty and limited methods for handling date/time formats. When every stackoverflow answer about date/time formats points to the Moment.js library (or writing 20 lines of code for simple format changes) it's a clear indication that JS needs a date/time format overhaul. We needed date/time changes more than we needed arrow functions.

"Hey JS devs, we saved you 2-4 characters in your code with arrow functions! But you'll need to write 20 lines of code to format that date the way PHP or Ruby would have done it in 1-3 lines of code."

There's no excuse.

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    ++ for truthfulness.
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    Wait till you get to know about Python.
    It doesn't have a concept of timezone.
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    I agree with the Date point but I also see a greater value in arrow functions.

    I don’t mind moment.js being used for dates but it would be nice to have native support.

    On the other hand. Arrow functions in JS save me a lot of time when it comes to binding functions in React JS development. No more binding every friggin function to use ‘this’.
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    @leanrob don't get me wrong. I love arrow functions a lot. But basic methods that get used everyday should be native before enjancements like that.
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