So I decided to install Arch on my Vps.
Problem: no connection from Vps to internet.
Info: I have terminal access from my hostings panel.
Solution: basic troubleshooting and Google
Problem: this hosting uses outdated install image with broken systemd-networkd.
Solution: install networkmanager
Problem: no internet
Solution: download networkmanager and dependencies on my laptop
Problem: How do I upload them?
Solution: put them in a tar archive, then base64 it and copy paste it via the panel.
Problem: That base64 is over 30MB. No browser lets me copy and paste so much text.
Solution: Write a quick and dirty Java that reads a .txt file and presses buttons.
Problem: Browser freezes after one second
Solution: Thread.sleep(10) after each character, and Thread.sleep(1000) after 10k characters for the browser to catch up.

It's currently going and I have no idea how long it will take. I'll post an update when it finishes.
And people ask me why I love programming. It can help solve so much problems with so little work.

Edit: according to some quick calculations this will take about 5-6 hours, so I'm cancelling it, sine it's past midnight now. I'll start it up tommorow before going to college

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    Well, apparently my calculations were off by one 0 and it won't take 5 hours. It will take 50. So I decided to ask tech support to help, either by fixing it or uploading the .tar.gz by hand. They just told me to go back to Ubuntu. Fuck.
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