I feel as if i have finally gotten the definitive Linux experience. While installing a software stack last night, apt said it was going to uninstall itself and replace itself with apt so i was like, "whatever, strange but fine.". What i didn't notice is that it was replacing itself with itself in a different architecture. AMD64 to be exact. Since my distro is running 32 bit for some reason, fixing that tonight, apt stopped working. I had to then use dpkg to force purge the broken apt, and then reinstall it by finding the .deb online and reinstalling it via dpkg. Like geez, i just needed XAMPP.

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    People still use 32bit OS?
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    @Paramite I guess. My distros webpage says they left it there for older comps. I must have accidentally installed 32bit after leaving it on that flash drive from the previous install i did of it. I think it was on some old laptop. Problem is the os might support 32 bit, but good luck finding any 32 bit deb packages for your needs
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    @Condor Yeah, i have no idea how i managed to install the 32 bit version. My PCs architecture is 64 bit, so it eludes me how i managed to do this. Like i said in the rant, i'm installing the correct version tonight.
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    linux experience?
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    Next step :
    chmod 777 -R /
    (As root of course)
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    Reminds me of the day when I did

    sudo aptitude remove python

    without double checking...
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    @theCalcaholic what's the problem in that?
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    @hijoni Oh, i did that one a few days ago kek
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    @donnico Try it! ;)

    Well, basically a great amount of system packages is depending on python, so I removed half my system (Debian with Gnome, I believe).
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    @theCalcaholic oh no I am not trying that, my work machine is osx, but my pi would suffer too much :D
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