So this morning my mum wakes me up at about 7am and she goes "Ollie I'm really scared I think someone has hacked into my phone" so I say " oh shit what happened" then she says "there's a man sending me horrible text messages and threatening me" then I say "wtf let me have a look" so I looked at the phone and it was one of those text message story's on Facebook so this whole time she was just watching a video in full screen while unaware that she was watching a video ffs literally anyone over the age of 40 is a danger to technology looool.

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    A couple of weeks ago i got ads for an app that does this. The idea is interesting, but why would you have an video like this in your timeline? And who would ever buy this in times of creepypasta?
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    @YouAreAPIRate Dude my mum just looks at things on Facebook then Likes the page, I don't think she even knows what she's doing half of the time lol.
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    @DCdave123 facebook has become a mess. The ui, the timeline, the people using it... people shouldn't even use it imo
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    @YouAreAPIRate Lets be honest it's the "PG CLEAN" social media when people only have it to add their parents to make out that there a good kid but in hindsight they are a dick on Twitter and others lol.
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