Got to thinking about this thanks to another rant I saw today.

When I was a student I primarily learned C#. During my third year I did an internship where I learned Java. I went on to study one more year, to further my degree, where I did my project in Java. So at the end of the day I'd say I'm more comfortable with C# but know both it and Java well enough (For a junior dev at least)

After my study I went looking for jobs, as you do, and had quite a few interviews over the course of a few months before I got my first job. One thing that struck me was that I was always asked "Which language do you prefer?" to which I'd always reply "I'm stronger in C# but I like them both plenty." (Which is true btw, I like 'em both)
It was usually at that point the senior in the interview would scoff and tell me that C#/Java (whichever he preferred) was the better one and I should ditch the other.

Eventually I got my first job in using C# and now am on my second job with Java. Good thing I kept them both up.

But what I find odd is how 'certain' each person was during those interviews. It seems awfully close minded. And considering the software industry is supposed to be full of innovation, modernity, and forward thinking that seems a little backwards.

In the end I don't really know what to make of it. I can only try not to be like that myself. I suppose it's just a little disappointing really.

It'd be nice if I had a snappier, witty ending to give but I really don't. I just sorta started thinking about it and how shitty it is really.

But well, time to get back to work I suppose. Nice to vent a little though, even for a little bit :P

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    Obviously one us far superior because those two are so different!
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    Pascal is obviously the best.
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