Quiting social media was a great decision :)

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    This decision will change your life.
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    does devRant count as Social media?
    Never used Facebook, and am so much happier for it.
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    I just use Instagram and Snapchat. (And ofc dR, but it's not a bad sm.)

    Instagram for memes and a few friends.

    Snapchat for talking to friends I don't care enough to text lmao. (Also, I really like their event stories, specifically for sports. It gives you a chance to see the event from the eyes of a spectator.)
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    Go on 9gag if you miss memes
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    @py2js Go on anything but 9gag if you like memes
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    I'd quit time wasting socials but keep slower and not so timedemanding stuff like this and pr0gramm.com
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    " he posted, on social media.
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    @IrreleventIdiot @panda-roux
    if you count devRant as social media.
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    @jhh2450 never used snapchat.
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    @qwert The Android version is absolute shit. But *shocker* Snapchat sucks Apple's dick lol
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    Same here. I quit reddit and twitter


    I started using 4chan ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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