This ActUAllY just happened to me 😭😭

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    Tell him to fuck himself with a rusty pipe.
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    We have to stop getting annoyed and recognize our powers. Not all of us can hack but people think we can. And we have to use that to our advantage.

    If you answer "yes, why?" you get a good story at least, plus an opportunity to mess with people at best.
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    ( Can u hack? )



    ( Can u hack facebook? )


    Would be classic scenario
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    tell him to proceed sucking dick
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    @Mizz141 dude we are not on 9gag
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    @YouAreAPIRate Thats evil... and good... Very good...
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    Remove them from your contacts immediately
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    @hypervtechnics yes, those are my qualities
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    @norman70688 you can tell them you hacked <big company here>. As prove you look for a page where you can add your text via get-parameter (e.g. search page). If that looks too obvious just tinyurl or bitly it. Voila, you were able to get your content on that page and they witnessed it, therefore you must have hacked them
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    Those annoying abbreviations … What a fucking dunce.
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    Censorship level: oops
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    I've started just saying yes, because depending on your definition of hacking, we can be doing it in multiple ways. Trimming trees? Yeah, just hack that branch right off. Programming? You're making the computer do something new, which it may or may not have been intended to do (the engineers haven't thought of every use case have they?). Ever reverse engineered a script? Well, that could be hacking right? Just say yes and be done with it, and tell them if they want something hacked you won't because you don't want to be arrested.
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    Happens to me everyday. People always think you play something when you're on the pc. Only exception are other devs ;D
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    @IllSlapU 😂😂😂
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