I work with a couple of "developers" (and I use that word lightly) who are starting up their own freelance dev company on the side. On their website, they say that they're "Experts in Mongo and Node."

I just overheard this conversation between them:
"Wait did you know that Mongo is JavaScript?"
"I dunno, maybe"

...they're "experts" in Mongo and Node, but they don't know that Mongo interaction is implemented into Node through an npm install

Ladies and gentlemen, be sure to hire these guys for all of your Mongo and Node development needs!

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    Wait, Node is Javascript?
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    @finiteAutomaton I wouldn't say that it is 😂 But they thought that it is, when really they were probably reading about one of the Node modules (like 'mongojs' or 'mongodb') that allows your Node app to interact with Mongo. All they saw was the word "MongoJS" and then they thought that Mongo itself IS JavaScript, which it isn't
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    Wait, da'heck is javascript?
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    @JCAP it's like a language of Middle-earth, but more crudr
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    @finiteAutomaton whoops I totally thought you said "Wait Mongo is JavaScript?", hence my comment reply. My bad!
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