This stupid GDR-leftover junk pile of a building is about as sound proof as a piss-soaked house of cards, and I'm trying to fucking focus here, so this goes out to the stupid, high-heeled penny whore upstairs:

Even while wearing those heels that are half your height already, you'd have to slam-dunk your fucking bus fare, and everybody who's ever seen you knows you'd have to suck off even a pigmy on tiptoes, so why the fuck don't you take off your goddamn shoes, bitch?

If I have to listen to that fucking *clack* *clack* *clack* once again, just one more fucking time, I'll visit you, hack off your fucking feet with a rusty old jigsaw and force you too rope jump on a puddle of coarsely ground sea salt at gun point until you fucking bleed to death!

Everybody seems to think they're alone on this fucking garbage ball we call earth.

I FUCKING hate people.

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    *clack* *clack*
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    I feel you! There once lived someone upstairs that thought he had the most beautiful voice someone could possibly have. He didn't. He sounded like a pig getting fucked by a horse.
    But he usually stood on the stairs and sang so everyone had the pleasure to bleed out their ears.
    I can't count how many times I've told that guy to shut the fuck up or
    I'd cut his tongue out (not made up, I actually said that to him)
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    @aaxa Finally, somebody who fucking understands me.
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    Shoot a pellet at her heels, if you're lucky you'd even get a nice panty shot of her when she falls down :3 win-win!!
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    take revenge and wear hig hells too, and a sexy red babydoll
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    @Yamemori I support this request.
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    @Yamemori I'd pay to see that... for science
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    @Yamemori Suck my cock then. You know, quit pro quo.
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    @AlexDeLarge i had to google that, lol
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    @daemonAD You're right, of course. Thanks for mentioning that. Unfortunately I can't change it any more.
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    @AlexDeLarge I know how that feels. On occasions, I've deleted and reposted whole rants for a grammar/spelling mistake that can't be changed anymore. Stupid, I know 😁
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    @daemonAD Nope, I get it. I've deleted 50+ times upvoted comments, because I found a spelling mistake that pissed me off. The problem is, I overlook them so easily.
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    I can imagine you finishing her off like this
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    I once had neighbours upstairs that would make a lot of noise (wood floors).

    One night I genuinely heard them having sex on the floor, and her face must have been against the wood, because I - very clearly - heard her say “yeah... fuck my cunt”.

    I could not sleep that night.

    Oh, and I also had a single mother that had run-ins with the law a few times, mostly because that’s what happens when I call the police because she’s trying to break the door down in a fit of rage because we moved her pushchair from the landing after nearly tripping down the stairs because of it.
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    @Brolls such neighbors are so shitty.. I have this neighbor who decided to fuck (or more likely play some porn) so fucking loudly that I could hear it in my living room 50m from his apartment with all the windows closed.

    I ran some tests by playing loud music from my own apartment and I had to go to the maximum volume of my speaker to even be able to hear it outside (so never mind through both apartments' walls).

    I pasted some sticker on his front door saying "Please keep it down when getting down. Some of us are trying to sleep at 3AM". He didn't understand it apparently.. the stupid cunt can't even understand basic English. He also complained that he didn't know how to remove the tape residues from the glass 😛

    Afterwards he did it a few more times, causing some more complaints on my end and eventually his dad (which the guy heavily relies on) got note of it. From then on, I never heard him do it again 😋
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    @Brolls @Condor I don't have too much of a problem with people fucking, wanking or playing porn, because that's usually over quickly, but annoyingly loud sounds like steps are pissing me off to no end.
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