This stupid GDR-leftover junk pile of a building is about as sound proof as a piss-soaked house of cards, and I'm trying to fucking focus here, so this goes out to the stupid, high-heeled penny whore upstairs:

Even while wearing those heels that are half your height already, you'd have to slam-dunk your fucking bus fare, and everybody who's ever seen you knows you'd have to suck off even a pigmy on tiptoes, so why the fuck don't you take off your goddamn shoes, bitch?

If I have to listen to that fucking *clack* *clack* *clack* once again, just one more fucking time, I'll visit you, hack off your fucking feet with a rusty old jigsaw and force you too rope jump on a puddle of coarsely ground sea salt at gun point until you fucking bleed to death!

Everybody seems to think they're alone on this fucking garbage ball we call earth.

I FUCKING hate people.

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