Fuck you, you who asks for help and doesn't deserve it. Fuck you when you ask for help, giving no detail whatsoever and expecting me to fix your shit for free with no information. Fuck you when I ask for more and you get pissed at me. Fuck you, because you think my time is so invaluable that you can destroy my focus, ask a simple question that can be searched WHILE YOU'RE THE ONE AT THE COMPUTER, and get pissed when I don't know the answer right away. Fuck you, when I am explaining it and YOU TURN THE FUCK AROUND WHILE I AM IN MID SENTENCE TO TALK TO SOMEONE ELSE! And then you get mad because I won't explain how to fix it? Yeah, you can break it yourself! Don't ask me for help if you'll waste my time and be a dick about it. When you are at the computer you can search for it yourself, I am not your fucking slave. And when I tell you to search for it, don't get all pissy because I won't help you. How about you put some effort forth in helping yourself, because when I leave and go where you can't bother me you will not have your slave to answer every fucking question. And in that note, Fuck you, when you tell me that I have an attitude. No, you are asking for MY help, and I have the full right to display an emotion other than pure elation that I am being asked a question. And when I answer with a completely neutral tone of voice, stop fucking making shit up, telling me I did this and that when I didn't, and then being a fucking hypocrite about it. I cannot wait to get out of here, nobody understands.

I needed that out.

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    Now that's what I call a good rant. Loving the repeated usage of Fuck as a sentence starter. Have a ++ and a beer.
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