Microsoft Edge is actually decent. How about that!
Good job Microsoft! Guess I will start using it instead of Chrome.

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    Yeah, it's a pretty decent ungoogled chromium downloader.
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    I like it being lightweight but it is still far from being a good default browser IMO.

    It always require hitting enter multiple times for it to understand that I want it to navigate to the url.

    Sometimes I just open another tab and it just works because I'd already be given up.

    For me I'm liking FireFox a lot these days
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    @gitpush Hasn't happened to me. And yes Firefox is actually pretty nice, especially with the latest big update
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    @ASCII yup latest update is amazing :D
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    I like Edge too.
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    Why would you ditch chrome ?

    Your RAM will feel neglected when you stop using it.
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    I have chrome and firefox for all my needs. Microsoft had their chance with IE and blew it.
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    This OneNote integration is just perfect.

    Just tap this OneNote button, grab your pen and save.
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    Hmm, reason for downvote. let's see.. Offensive/spam? Definitely offensive.

    p.s. just kidding... can't say I wasn't tempted tho.
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    Still not leaving Firefox.
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    It is decent!
    As more and more developers start to realize that, more and more extensions will be developed and more and more users will be atracted!
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    Edge is not EI thou.
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    It might be good in terms of speed and weight, but that's not the primary reason I use Chrome.

    There are other functionalities which makes Chrome better and more accessible than any of its competitors.
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    Edge is my default browser, I like the ask Cortana built into it and also the oneNote integration too. It really is good to resume browsing on another Windows PC at just where I left.
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