My seriousness and overthinking gets me into quite the social trouble. I’m too used of being in nerdy social groups that I have trouble in non nerd based groups.

God help me

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    I am god. You asked for help?
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    @YouAreAPIRate How can I stop being so technical?
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    @ribchinski start being non technical
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    @RAZERZ mind = blown.
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    @RAZERZ Holy shit... whoa
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    @ribchinski this is the secret the government doesn't want you to know
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    @ribchinski first of all, don't force yourself. Accept that your social skills are better in nerdy groups and you can't have perfect everyday conversations at an instant.
    Ask questions, you'll show interest and you don't have to talk much yourself. You even learn interesting things that way. Don't take the questioning too far though, tell them how you feel or what you think about the subject regularely instead (e.g. "i don't get everything you say, but it sounds cool").
    You can talk about nerdy stuff too, but KISS. "A joke is like a frog, it dies if it gets dissected", same goes for tech-talk to normies.
    If the other person looks away or at the time that's a warning signal. Try to change to everyday-topics then, like weather, news, the crazy thing that happened this morning etc.

    As for the seriousness, i dont know about that because i don't know you. I don't know your friends either, so keep in mind those are just some basics from someone who's bad at conversations too ^^"
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