Today is my last day in hell. I have next week off and then i start my new and significantly better payed job.

As usual i have to get the final paperwork over with and surrender my equipment. Yesterday i get an IM from the person in charge of equipment notifying me that I also have to come in Monday because the she's not there on Friday and I can't finish the procedure without her signature.

Ok. Sure. So i sent an IM myself notifying that I won't be in today since I've been called on Monday and i won't be using my own time because no one ever delegates.

I got a reply saying that it's abnormal to procede this way because if anything happens to me today the firm is acountable and when I asked "So, if something happens to me on Monday, when i'm on my own fucking time, that IS PERFECTLY ALRIGHT ISN'T IT?"
The reply was Yes. 😂😂😂😂

Needless to say, I'm relaxing at home right now and will be going on Monday to finish up.

God I'm glad that i'm leaving this shithead company!!!

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    Perfect execution. This is art.
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    lol. I would have dropped the equipment on friday, and walked out. In case they want me on monday, that will be extra $$$ for my expensive time.
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    lol, perfectly ok if something happens to you on Monday but not cool if happens on Friday, please schedule your accidents for Mondays :P
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    Your username does give a hint about the place you work.
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    Finishing a procedure is not your problem since you finish on Friday. Therefor if a procedure has to be finished then the cunt should have delegated the signing to some other cunt. Bollocks to them. I would not have opted to return on monday.
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    At my last job, I surrendered my equipment by dropping off my laptop at the security desk in the building lobby. They wanted me to come in and do a whole thing, but I said, "I'm not an employee of this company anymore, so I'm not coming any closer than the security desk."

    Everything was fine.
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    I would just put the company property in a small box and send it signature mail over the weekend. Like @magicMirror said, if they want to see me in person as a non-employee, they can offer me something like any other business deal.
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    Once again every one of you is absolutely right...but, in my country, the legal procedure of ending an employment contract also consists of something that could be translated as "final liquidation form". Basically it's an ok from the former firm that I haven't stolen anything and have do debts.

    The new company needs this before they can seal my contract, so what they try to do usually is the classic blackmail scheme:"you need us more than we need you".
    The reason why this can't work in my case is that they also have some legal proceedings that have been left unfinished on their part and they will need me to sign everything. Counter-blackmail if you will... we'll see how it plays out. 😂
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    Yep. You're hands are tied. But just for one more day, man. Just one more day and you're out. Good luck!
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    @telephantasm shouldn't be too hard. (famous last words)
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    @kgbemployee If that's a law in your country I feel sorry for you. That's fucking stupid. So if you get off on bad terms with an earlier employer you're just fucked??!
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    @aaxa It's not that bad and there are legal and other ways to fight such things.

    Usually, one can have problems with this only if he's actually done something serious, like steal equipment or appropriate company funds, otherwise the former employer is also obligated, by the same law, to release you documents and NOT hinder your further employment in any way.

    That being said, they can always be dicks about it and drag their feet with it for the next 3 months before I can take legal action against them.
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