Was thinking about that whole, "born at the wrong time" quote I have seen, and to me, it seems wrong. Yes, you may have been born too late to explore the world and too early to explore space, but you were born in an amazing time nonetheless! We get to watch the birth and rise of practical AI and the creation and buzz of a new form of currency. If dedicated enough to learn, any person can create incredible things unlike ever before, and likely, ever again, through programming. Yes, you may have been "born too late and too early" for some things, but that doesn't make this any less incredible of a time to be alive.

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    You're right, the technological progress of the last decades ist astonishing, I really like living in this time, and I'm really curious about what's to come.

    Problem is, that mankind is too stupid to see what's possible. Intellectual and social progress can not keep up with the technology. It's obvioulsy been too little time since we left the trees.
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    I guess that's an issue with life itself. Mankind is constantly thinking about what has been and what will be because our life span is so short.

    Anyways, raised a ticket for this issue.
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    Also, chances are high that if you were born earlier, you would not have been the one to explore the world and discover beautiful landscapes but rather be some farmer in a mudhole being robbed of his harvest. Or if you had been born later, chances are also high that the people born today did not fix the environmental pollution issues and you have to live in a barren ecosystem, polluted air and a sick, perverted society. No one is so sure that we will be able to leave this planet in time before we have deprived it.
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    I can buy a wemos d1 mini for 3 quid and have more computing power than the flight computers on the Apollo lunar mission...

    ... Which I use to turn my bedroom lights on and off
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    Imagine explaining the internet to a person from a few centuries ago:

    - "We have the knowledge of all humanity readily available at all times and can communicate with people thousands of kilometres away"
    - "Incredible! And what do you do with this immense amount of knowledge?!"
    - "Mostly watching moving pictures of cats or other people having sex. Sometimes I also argue with a stranger"
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