How are practical exams conducted in your university (if you're still a student)?

I'm dreading tomorrow. So I have a practical exam tomorrow and usually in my university, they first ask us to write the solution code on a paper, get it approved from the invigilator (who by the way ignorantly approves everybody's code without checking) and then only we are allowed to actually execute our code and get it approved again from the examiner.
It's been three years now and I still don't get the point of first writing the code on the paper (as if we didn't already have theory exams expecting us to write it all on paper) and then executing it....

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    This time instead of code try with algorithm on paper
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    for coding, we usually didn't have exams, but we had coding projects with specs and a due date
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    @rookiemaverick They want the entire code with proper syntax on paper 😫 prior to the actual execution. I'd still understand if they asked us to write our code after executing it but before doesn't makes sense...

    @CoffeeNcode We have those too here. For a coding course, we have a theory exam, a practical exam and a project to submit.
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    Glad I never went to a uni like that. Never had any code exams, just coursework.

    I just don't see the benefit in exams like that anymore, it's outdated, you're never going to code like this.
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    @Wozza365 I know right! Education system is really fucked up here, where I live.
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    Practical coding exams last year: bring your own device, download test files at start, turn off Internet, do the test, turn on Internet, hand in test files. Any offline documents were allowed.

    This year you are allowed to use the Internet during tests as well, except for forums and chats (including stack overflow). This is because in the real world you also have internet available at all times and they claim to have made the exercises harder in return.
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    @UniQ That is so dope! I can only hope for this culture here :/
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    My professor makes us write our code on paper but he doesn’t care about syntax mistakes, just wants to make sure you’re on the right track, my assembly professor did the same
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    Forgot to update: Surprisingly, we didn't have to write the solution code on the paper before executing it.
    This time, we just had to directly execute it, get it verified by the invigilator and email our solutions to him. They FINALLY changed the way they take practicals here. YAY!

    In the meanwhile, I also think my professor might have read my rant because what a coincidence!! 🤔
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