Fuck C++. I mean not really I love it but learning it is getting my head really worked up. And if it wasn't enough VSCode just adds more by delayed linting and whatnot. It's a habit now. Code. Get error. Try to fix it. Fail. Turn off lights. Go to bed. Think. Try again. Awesome. Loop goes on.

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    Isn't programming always like this..?

    I mean I am only used to c++ but thats how it has always been for me. Think of a feature, imagine a possible design, improve that design, start implementing it, struggling, running into problems you didnt think about, go to bed, think about what to do in every free second of the day, get back on the computer to implement solution/workaround, refactor, think of next feature...
    I kind of love that because it is really creative. You might say that it is frustrating because it never works that easily, but it would not feel so good to get things done if it was easy.
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    @simulate Yeah. I'm also getting used to enjoying it now. Maybe It's because I programmed in python only and the errors weren't really too hard to fix and I got used to the language so I didn't take too much time to find and fix but now I'm learning C++ so errors are appearing more often and are difficult for me as I'm not used to the language. But that's the fun of it πŸ˜„.
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    @sshehriyar dont worry, as with any language, once you get used to it you will know more and more what you are doing (of course)

    With C++ you just have to remember that it came from C and it works at a very low level. The cool thing is that technically, everything at a higher level is still possible. By writing generalized functions and classes you can move up in abstraction and do more with less code.
    Spoiler: template classes and functions are very powerful for generalization
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    @simulate thanks man. I'm learning about classes and class functions and I posted this rant while getting an error about them. I'm slowly making progess now πŸ˜„. Thanks for the info ☺️.
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    Int luck
    At first error
    Try again
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    I wouldn't recommend using an IDE when you're learning, but anyway. VSCode's C++ support is utter garbage except for the debugger. Use Visual Studio, or JetBrains CLion. They're both way, way better.
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    @RememberMe I used to use vim in my early time of learning C++. I switched because vim slowed down even when I ran async linters. I do go down to the command line when required e.g. I'm using cmake for compiling but I do sometimes use g++ and compile/link only the required files etc. Not the best example but oh well πŸ˜„. I'm not a fan of IDE's which is why I'm using vscode as its close to IDE but not an IDE itself. I do like atom a lot but I don't see a good c++ ide package etc.
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    @sshehriyar I meant, the autocomplete and code linting features are exactly what you shouldn't use in the beginning. Why not just use vim with only syntax highlighting, and use g++ with all warnings?
    If you're using it for a project though it's illogical to not use the powerful autocomplete and linting that VS and CLion can do. Believe me, they're way better than all other options. I tried to switch to a non-IDE workflow, didn't really work. C++ is a language that requires a pretty heavy frontend, and really benefits from it.
    Plus, since you like CMake: CLion uses it as its build system. It's integrated really well, you can swap toolchains in and out on the fly and stuff.
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    @RememberMe that would be a good way to learn. I am doing a project but it isn't that big, only doing it to learn C++. Thanks man. I'll setup vim again πŸ˜„πŸ‘.
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    @sshehriyar happy to help.
    Check out clang-tidy, it's an analyser that gives you suggestions for improving your code and avoiding possible errors.
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    @RememberMe will do πŸ˜„
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