Fuck these saggy assholes running the fcc. “Oh my god net neutrality stifles innovation” says who? I say these fuck heads with six dicks up their pungent leaky assholes are stifling innovation by repealing net neutrality, and frankly there’s probably more proof for my standpoint then they will ever for theirs.

In fact there’s substantial reason to believe that an unregulated network will lead to censorship and handshake agreements that will severely stifle innovation.

I hope these guys spend the rest of their lives in federal prison for taking bribes.

All this coming from a party that claims they like small government and yet want more laws preventing abortion and gay marriage. And who is belligerent about freedom of speech in even the most ridiculous contexts, and yet so against free speech on the internet and totally happy to let Comcast decide what we’re allowed to say or see when it’s our fucking business.

And it’s not like the democrats are much better to be honest, begging and begging the government to take away all our guns because they’re missing the forest for the trees and are convinced that’s going to solve our violent culture problem (it will not) and they also think we need to have China level censorship on the internet and purge us of our right of the freedom of information and blame all their problems on Russia and Facebook, just because they can’t face facts that their candidate sucked piss.

Weak weak weak.

I want somebody who is going to respect freedom across the board, whether it’s free information, unbiased networking options, unbiased band allocation (guys, 20 MHz centered at 800 MHz is NOT THE SAME as 1900, hello already), or the right to own a gun, the right to decide what I do and don’t see or do and don’t read, the right to say what I want to say.

I don’t need some cunt in the fcc with no knowledge of how the internet works deciding what it means to be free on the internet, because HE HAS NEVER EXPERIENCED WHAT IT IS LIKE TO HAVE FREEDOM TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU ON THE INTERNET.

My friends in China know what it’s like to have freedom taken from you on the internet. The North Koreans know what it’s like to have their access to information controlled. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a government of a company doing it. I KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO HAVE MY RIGHTS THREATENED BY A THIRD PARTY COMPANY.

I have had my bandwidth throttled to my servers by Comcast pre-net neutrality and I’m looking forward to being sacked in the nuts again when those rules lapse. Since my email server is not a first class citizen on their network they throttled my speed down to sub dial up and I couldn’t even ssh in it was so preposterously slow. I had to yell at them every fucking day to remove the throttle rule. I also have come up against email domain whitelists when communicating with people, that effectively forces you to have a gmail or a yahoo or a hotmail account. Third parties force you to use email that ostracizes your right to privacy. FUCK THAT SHIT.

Regular fags who just use gmail and windows and don’t stand up for their privacy like I do DO NOT KNOW and WILL NEVER know what it’s like in a world without net neutrality regulations where you’re forced to get back in line with the masses and submit to having your life picked apart day in and day out by people who have their grubby fucking fingers in any of your business that’s within reach.

So so all these politicians who were dropped on their fucking heads as children and probably took until they were 25 to graduate high school, go fuck yourselves, I’m not going to sit here and take it while you hand over the keys to our lives to demons like Comcast or Facebook. I’ll find a way to connect to who I want see information freely no matter what you fucking do to stop me. So if you want to be in my business and control my communications, here’s my message to you: give it your best fucking shot, I’d love to see you fucking try.

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