I'm falling in love with C++. It's complex (for me as a beginner) but whenever I see errors they make me happy because when I fix them I get the feeling that I learned something new.

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    I learned a lot using C#.

    Might have to try this C++ thing.
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    Learn c++ only if u are serious with it.otherwise for most of time its waste of time.i mean learn it very well so u can take place in serious high lvl projects or just leave it
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    I'm not quite so happy when I see errors anymore. Usually it's some obscure shit which leads to a heap or stack corruption and it takes a few hours of commenting out shit to find.

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    Yes yes yes...one more acolyte joins the C++ fold.
    *dark, spooky ambient music in the background. If you listen closely you can hear the faint screams of pure Python programmers as they are sacrificed to the C++ gods on the altar of Memory Management*
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    C++ was my first and continues today to be my favorite. So elegant <3
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