Not sure if it's best, as in the one that left most impression or the one that resigned in good faith, because what my old mates did are definitely not the latter

First guy, an Android dev, got fed up with the boss, deleted all the source code of an ongoing project, wiped his pc, went missing the next day and left a letter on his table, which content refers the boss as some members of the biological kingdom Animalia (it was very interesting read)

Second guy, a "senior" front end, caught faking doctor's letter, and reimbursed his "medical expenses", got fired and took the project's source code with him, tried blackmailing the boss, but it didn't work

Third guy, probably the same as a lot of the others who got fed up with the boss, suddenly went missing a couple of days after the supposed payday (because the pay is late, and they never received any money)

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    How do you run away with the code? Did he delete the git or svn repo?
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    @donnico for the first one, I think he deleted the repo, since the IT support/sysadmin guy said there's no trace of his code anywhere,

    As the second guy hasn't pushed his code to any repo I think, as I remember it was just a front end template for a website
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