It's so annoying when people put up cover videos in the name of tutorials and don't even mention what chords they used 😣

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    Just use your ears. You'll thank them later. And maybe look at their fingers for help?
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    @Condor Yep. It defies the point of a tutorial honestly. 😕

    @electrineer I'm a self-taught guitar and ukulele player. I'm not really proficient enough to just listen to the music and make out what chord is playing, yet. Also, looking at the fretboard and the finger movements to make out which chord is playing is not easy in case of ukulele as its fretboard is really small and usually the player's hands cover the entire thing so you can't really make out which chord is being played unless the chords are notes apart.
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    @SheShell This ear training app is a good start to learning to listen. I've had real progress with it. https://play.google.com/store/apps/...
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    @electrineer oh hey, thanks for sharing, that's so kind. I'll definitely give it a shot. 😊
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