I had someone come ask me what language I was programming in.

I responded with "dart"

They then said "no. What PROGRAMMING language?"

I said "ya. That's what dart is."

They said "no. Programming languages are HTML, JavaScript, and CSS"

I was too tired to explain...

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    Your comment is either making fun of me or a great joke. I can't tell.

    But here is a ++ anyways.
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    @Floydian no.
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    I had someone come ask me what source control I was using.

    I responded with "git"

    They then said "no. What SOURCE CONTROL?"

    I said "ya. That's what git is."

    They said "no. Source Control systems are Github, Team Foundation Server, and Bitbucket"

    I was too tired to explain...
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    @AlpineLinnix @IDontGiveADuck if you don't like it, actually @no-one does
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    @AlpineLinnix sad but true :3
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    @Floydian I guess so, OP must be happy about that lol
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    I'm just here watching this all happen..
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    @ewpratten and wondering to your self: what have I done 🤦🏼‍♂️
    But your too tired to explain I guess ....
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    Are you as hyped as I am about dart? Because I find that it's a beautiful language (especially the very clear syntaxe) but that it's underused. I would love it to be supported natively by browsers but I think that's just a utopian dream...
    Anyway, I hope it won't end up like other Google projects (#ripProjectAra).
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    Project ara looked so cool..

    Anyways, I love dart. It's a great lang.
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    That could be a meme
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    @Nitwix You are being sarcastic right? I stopped learning Flutter because of how disgusting Dart syntax is, it's impossible to look at.
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    @PAKA I don't know for flutter but coming from JavaScript, dart certainly feels cleaner and more consistent.
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    @andros705 @Nitwix

    In my opinion and despite what @PAKA says, learning dart is great. It's a really nice language that can be used for a whole bunch of things. I personally really like the syntax too.
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    I had someone come ask what's your favorite shell?

    I responded with fish...also.

    They told me that's not a real shell, the only real shells are Bourne, Korn, and C.

    Im tired right now because I have insomnia, that's why I felt the need to go on Devrant and explain.
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    @andros705 @PAKA @ewpratten

    Speaking of dart, I tried Google dart app from google play, tbh it still feels something is not right, it is as close as possible to native, but navigation drawer open and close did lag on a Sony Xperia Z5 compact :\

    Lets just hope those cross platform things don't get too much attention, they are cool to have but don't abuse it
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    This will be our new copy pasta
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    to people like that you don't explain. you just let your eyes widen in fascinated disbelief, burst into laughter, and then carry on doing whatever it was you were doing before someone tried to waste your time ;)
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    > Programming languages
    > HTML, JS and CSS

    > HTML
    > CSS
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    @onlinechris hey, you should get yourself an avatar.
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    @fuck2code I happen to age++ in a couple weeks. Maybe I will have 15000 at 15?
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