Why are Job interview tests so reliant on knowledge of the language's functions!

I dabble in a few languages and I don't bother learning all the basic functions of by heart...
Eg: len(str), str.length, str.Length, strlen(str)
why... because they are literally a 5 second Google. Unfortunately for us, this quick search isn't possible and I think it should be.

Another example of bad interviews is a coder with 37 years experience but was unable to get a job at Google (link: http://gwan.com/blog/20160405.html)
He was asked strict questions by someone who didn't know much about computers let alone programming. Unfortunately, since the interviewer wanted exact answers, the coder was unable to complete the interview. He answered all the questions validly and with depth but this was not written down on the interviewers sheet.

Do employers want people that have a good and broad knowledge of their field or people that know what they want them to know. It's getting ridiculous.

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    Why exactly ARE job interview tests? I mean you can just look at someones github and decide for yourself if they can code or not. Sitting in a totally unknown office, writing about c++ pointers on paper will not tell if someone can solve problems or not.
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    They want machines who can code A...Z algorithms from memory
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    Well if you worked for several years as a dev you should know at least some of the function names right? A lot of people lie on their cv and can't code for shit so you need some way to spot the fakers.. also you can't exactly say we don't want that guy because he seemed like a dickhead, etc, so sometimes failing the test is not the real reason. It's just they liked another candidate more.
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    My first programming interview I was told to use phone and given an array and was asked to print the largest number in the array.


    Well they told me this was wrong because I was supposed to write my own max() and loop through the array myself to get the value. Why in the fuck would I make my own function when one already does exactly what I want?
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    @sylar182 while I understand the sentiment it is important to know that you can get to that point by yourself. If you can't solve something like that then they know you may not be able to solve harder problems.

    Even if you know this, they may not so as retarded as it seems it is still valid
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    @AleCx04 that would have been fine at the time if those specifications had been declared. I was asked to out put the largest number. Had I been asked to create my own function to do it I would have been able to but no one said it had to be something specially made.

    I look back on it now as a communication error. I'm not upset about it, I figured if they couldn't adequately describe the problem in the interview them they wouldn't be able to do it on a large project.
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    @sylar182 oh i am on your side brother. Had it been me giving you that coding interview I would have passed you on to the next round. I always consider finding a solution as the best thing rather than coding everything from scratch u___u
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    @sharktits you would think but it is more fun to make someone take off half a day of work and play stump the chump. People need to start filming this crap and putting it online. These people are getting a rush from this.
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    @georgelynch Stump the Chump xD
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