3 days into my vacation and my boss has:
Tried calling me 3 times.
Send me over 20 messages.
Tried to contact me on slack.
Fuck if msn was still around he'd probably buzzed me 100 times.

I'm off work for a reason, i don't live for your company.

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    I don't see the point of this rant unless he does it every single time.
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    @ajmada I think we as an industry let this slide far to often. OP's boss has managed to be completely reliant on OP, as far as that OP can't go on vacation without being bothered. The boss should either hire more people or accept that the issue has to wait a week, there is no inbetween.
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    @commanderkeen This right here. I've been at an agency that was totally dependent on me as a developer being there every single day. It was a usual to get called even on the first day. Worst moment was getting called 3h after I went into my vacation - I was just hopping into my taxi to drive to the airport and got this really desperate call going "can you pls come in now?" whilest explaining that I was on my way to the airport and about to miss my flight if I'd come in my boss chimed in "you know that we can pull you in, if we really need to right? Please come here - I will pay your expenses".

    I actually had to go as there is a certain law/exclusion in German law, where a boss can call you in if the company is really depending on it. Needless to say I redirected my taxi to the office and sat there for 4h debugging bullshit. My girlfriend was pissed, I missed my flight and my hotel reservation was a bust.
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    I don´t mind getting a call or message on vacation if it is something of really high priority, that needs immediate attention. But these were things that can be either discussed/dealt with by another dev, or postponed until my return.

    @ajmada admitting to work on your holidays will make them think it is alright to do that. Resulting in them most likely doing it again the next time, and giving them the excuse of "but you had no problem with it the last time" once you've done it.
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    @RemyRm Yeah - once that has happened it will most definitely happen again. After my boss pulled that stunt I started conveniently missplacing my phone at the beginning of a vacation and after a while I just told my office I had a new mobile phone number and just gave them an old number.

    It wen't from calling me any time they wanted to "you're very hard to get a hold off!" so I told them to write me an e-mail and if I had the time and patience I'd check them (read: i never checked them, heck I filtered them straight to marked as read and into a seperate folder)

    Being so heavily dependent on has its drawbacks, but also makes you able to pull off your own stunts aswell I guess. I never answered a request, whilest being on vacation or sick or whatever again.
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    Dev used "ignore"... it's super effective!
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    @fml89 funny thing, I am sort of in the same boat, but where I live it is not legal to have someone on standby 356 24/7 - dumbass boss put it in the contract, making it so that when push ever comes to shove, having that clause in the contract will make the whole thing void.

    - also funny thing, going a bit off topic and burning a little rant material here, my boss also put in the contract that after a year the contract is finished with a zero day notice. He also never negotiates a new contract before the ending of the old one, because than he has the upperhand in negotiations.... Guess who's not going to show up for work on the 1st of july (the recruiters are lining up in my inbox as we speak)
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    @rEaL-jAsE well it’s an exclusion made for employers if the company as a whole is in a dire situation for example missing an SLA agreement for the most important client and getting sued for gazillions of euros, if you won’t show up.

    For the rest the employment legislation in Germany is very pro-employee. Like minimum of 4 full weeks of vacation, overtime must be either given as bonus free time to take off work or payed out, newborn child-leave (payed ofc) etc.
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    @commanderkeen best of luck!
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    I took 1 vacation over the course of like 3 years. (startup) The fuckers still managed to blow me up while I was there and I ended up having to work a few hours. The startup company I work for on the other hand, the owners typically take 10-12 vacations/extended weekends a year.
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