so i live in a country with a liberalized electricity market, i.e. i can choose any utility company of my liking rather than having to use the city utilities.

as it so happens, switchting between utilities every few years can create a noticable bulge in ones wallet over the course of a year. as it also happens i switchted utilities recently.

well, tried to.

first i tried one company, let's call it ElectronGuzzlers, with a lead time of three months. they responded with some enthusiasm and assured me that everything would be taken care of. i was happy about that. things are not usually taken care of.

fast forward those three months. i receive a letter stating that no, sorry, we can't do that. your local utilities are useless assholes and please fuck off (paraphrased somewhat).

so i tried the next utility company. which, somewhat enthusiastically, assured me that everything would be taken care of.

fast forward a week. the second company tells me that my previous supplier (i.e. the one i wanted to switch away from) does not know me. at all. which i somewhat doubt, because i copied all relevant info directly from the PDF bill i got.

it turns out that ElectronGuzzlers has terminated the old contract on my behalf (as they are allowed to do, *if* they then supply me with yummy yummy coulomb juice). without telling me about it in their "nope, sorry" letter. which means i'm now paying twice to thrice the normal rate for electricity until this is resolved.

it's not like i had a, oh, i dunno, huge open space just begging to be solar-panelized directly above my living room or something in the form of a roof. if i only i owned the fkn thing ...

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