I remember working with this classmate - who was stoned most of the time - for a project for the commerce chamber. Basically a web app with front end in Sencha (don’t judge me please, it’s 4 years ago) and backend in plain php. It was my first project for a client and wanted to get it done right... if it wasn’t for my classmate. We had autumn break and he was behind with his part and he told me “don’t worry I’ll catch up all the backend during the holidays “ - which he did, sort of. He asked me to test the code because it was clearly not working, and when I opened it... JavaScript. JavaScript code instead of php. The guy was so stoned that he didn’t notice, and I don’t know if he used notepad to write it but he genuinely did not notice. I ended up letting him being stoned for the rest of the project.

Inspired by this rant : https://devrant.com/rants/1396576/...

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    I was so tired I wrote C instead of C#, ignoring any of the errors the IDE threw at me until it struck me.
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    I should still have the version he sent me where I was seeing “+” instead of “.” for concats
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    On a side note: the guy didn’t give a shit and after his diploma he moved to India, is a psytrance music producer and lives in a sort of community (I think)
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