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    Paying for macOS updates? That's a new one...
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    More an old one actually.
    The update is free since 2013.
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    @osx94 and the meme, is just sarcastic :)
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    I was thinking that the idea was than mac user agreed to pay more than others in many situation.
    But the title was giving me a doubt :p
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    @osx94 I started using OSX/macOS since 2013, so it was a good year :p
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    Yeah, this is the 1000th rant i gave a ++ on it
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    Don't you have to pay for a windows update when they do a major version upgrade?
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    @vityavv since windows 10 not anymore... for the first year was free also the update from windows 7/8 to 10 (for users and not for enterprise)
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    What?? Mac updates are free. 😒😒
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    I agree on one thing, when a Windows update appears a lot of users are complaining for some reason (sometimes good).
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    @osx94 *insert anniversary update*
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    Did you create or can you provide a source? I like to keep a bookmark list of IT-themed comic artists.

    Edit: Nevermind! I see it on the side. Sneaky text is sneaky.
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    You have to pay for them all (idk about Linux tho)

    Windows: frustration/time
    MacOS: expensive hardware
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    Why does this have so many upvotes. You’ve NEVER had to pay for updates on Mac.

    You used to have to pay when it was a new OS (as you did with windows I might add) but Apple even made those free many years ago. And you STILL need to pay on windows.

    All in all this meme is just fucking stupid.
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