Hi all, I'm looking to setup an email with a custom domain for all things dev related and as a sort of professional contact.
I have a domain registered which is just my name.me but I'm torn between john@johndoe.me or something like contact@johndoe.me.
Any suggestions?

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    I've been wondering this myself but I think the latter makes more sense.
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    I also had the same dilemma and just choose privat@... (I choose privat and not private, because I live in Germany and privat is german for private)
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    You can't beat me. My first name is Kim amd there's a gtld named kim. So my domain is surname.kim
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    My main email on my CV as well as stuff like LinkedIn/Facebook is like john@johndoe.me

    Some random shit sites get john+stuff@
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    The 1st for clients. Makes them feel closer to you. It's psychological of course 😄
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    Thanks for the input all. Decided to go with contact@fullname.me after much deliberation
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