No. I don't start new WordPress projects again. Never. Fuck WordPress and fuck you.

Ask me once again, and, I swear by your mom's grimy, low-hanging balls, I will fucking end you.

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    And the first cunt who things it'll be funny to ask exactly this question will die in 3, 2, 1 …
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    Will you start a new drupal project?
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    @sharktits lol! I didn't anticipate that one. Well played. And the answer is hell, no.
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    Actually what are your opinions on Jekyll?
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    @fuck2code its... Hydeous

    Ill show myself out
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    @sharktits haha. Nice star wars reference
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    @fuck2code yeah haha i love narnia
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    Bu.. But... Did you just insult me because you know that I would usually be the person who would ask exactly that question? >:
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    @Alice No, you would be clever about it or use a loophole, like @sharktits did.
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    @Condor I didn't know what you were trying to say there.
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    @fuck2code I like it, it's useful and easy to use.
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    His mom's balls are manlier than my balls. 😧
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    How about a Concrete5?
    Or better yet, PHPNuke
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    @sharktits stop it, we're gonna make @Michelle cry

    @AlexDeLarge I agree. I fucking love it. And if you think Jekyll is easy to use take a look at Hugo. I love that thing so much. It's so simple and elegant.
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    @lotd How about no *gag* PHP at all?
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    I'm not a WordPress dev, but beside the security holes it has, why all the hate?

    I've heard from colleagues say the following, don't if there is more:

    1. clients throw shitload of plugins

    2. all shit is solved by plugins and sometimes plugins are huge for the use case they are used for

    3. Modifying something, sometimes is a pain
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    "I don't think WordPress is the right choice for your business"

    "Well what do you suggest?"

    "No website"


    "Yes, I know, it's my job. I make money by building websites."

    "Then what's the problem? Why should we not have our own website? We are willing to increase the payment for the WordPress site by 20% of your usual rate, if that helps?"

    "I don't think your business adds anything valuable to the world. Try working on that first"

    -- conversation I had with some scumbag door to door marketing firm.
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    4. Themes and plugins almost never properly uninstall so you can end up filling up the database with redundant crap that's a pain in the arse to get rid of.

    5. It's bulky and inefficient (both front and back end). Caching and asset optimisation etc can help, but it could always be better.

    6. You can edit core files through the cms. No idea wtf people were thinking when they added this "feature". Oh yeah and you can add styles/scripts to the blogs via the wysiwyg editor as well, despite the fact that it's target audience seems to be the sort of people who actually would.

    7. Config is stored in the database. Including settings that really shouldn't be stored in the database.

    8. It uses php as a templating language.

    I could go on, but it's late. Also it's been years since I touched wordpress so for all i know all the stuff I've just mention has been fixed by now.
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    How would that make me cry? I never got interested in Star Wars lol.
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    @Michelle we're "confusing" Jekyll and Mr Hyde with narnia.
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    Ohhh, I see lol.

    Why would you even do something like that? One is an innocent fantasy series for children and the other is a gothic novella. They don't mix well. xD
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    @bittersweet A door to door marketing firm? What the …
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    @diffchar damn that's a lot :/
    No wonder why all the hate
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    @AlexDeLarge Yeah the ones who send people to your door to try to make your switch between energy companies. They wanted a website to recruit students to do that work.
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    I understood the joke. Why else do you think I used the 'xD' face and 'lol?' -_-
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    @Michelle I have developed the unique ability to filter out unnecesary strings of characters from a block of text such as "xD" and "lol". Sorry not sorry
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