worst "collab" or "group" proj?

hah! the job i have now

was moved half way across the USA, and as far as the business is concerned, to be with the actual team i'm on.

before moving i was constantly told to do something, well wait now don't, slow down it's not a race (i wasn't racing).

move, and after a couple months of the same i start doing someone's work who got a new position (he was where i moved from). do that guy's job for a year (isolated and nothing to do with the team)

eventually "done" with that guy's job and start getting back into the swing of things. lead/boss makes it sound like he'll have something for me to do every day and then never talks to me until the next day when he has some other exciting new proj i'll never be a part of

couple months go by, surprise! someone forgot a few things from that guy's job i was doing. -.- aufkm?

99% i've done at this job has been for naught. the work i have done is only usable by the few who actually have that program installed. oh and that program got sold to another company and it's been behaving like shit ever since.

should have just paid me the 2+ years salary to quit when i got this job

i mean i guess it's the opposite of a collab? but the purpose was to work on a team so idk, same diff to me

interview for a new position within the company (under contract bc of the move and can't leave w/o paying them) is coming up, also a chance to move back home *fingers crossed*

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