Waiting for usa dvlottery results which will be posted in 5 hours. Chance that I will get green card is 2% :/

I'm EU citizen so probably I should still be able to find some job in usa/canada which would sponsor me work visa. But I don't want to spend next 5 years worrying about loosing job/work visa :/ Also it limits you greatly and puts employer in a position of power where he can make you work excess overtime and etc. Don't like it? Leave it and say to your work visa bye bye :/

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    Did you try for Canadian express entry for skilled workers? It gives you PR if you get accepted!

    Check for your score here, you need at least 450 to guarantee getting PR.
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    @mohammed 416 only :/ 25 years old, bachelors degree, 2 years of exp. I've read that if youre between 400-450 you can get it right? Also where can I apply, is it here? https://canada.ca/en/...

    And what are the dates (period for application), and the date when they announce results?
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    @zemaits for more info you can refer to that site or there is a website called moving2canada.com you can find most of the info there, they also have an active fb group with the same name where they answer all your queries.
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