This is the best response to "Why are programmers so arrogant?"

'Programmers spend much of our lives [immersed] in an alternate reality — a world that rewards high structured and disciplined thinking that directly correlates with the correctness, quality and quantity of our primary product … code.'

It's like an addiction, and everyone has the best drugs.

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    *shady guy in some alley*: "yo, kid, wanna buy some code? The first update's free"
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    @Krokoklemme and here, take some linux-class drugs, how about some arch? Everything's free but you'll never be able to stop
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    @YouAreAPIRate too bad that most people can handle LSD (linux-scheduled drugs)
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    This rant is missing the corollary of what attempting meaningful discourse with the average user is like. That fully cements why we appear arrogant.

    It's Einstein explaining special relativity to a religiously-brainwashed child who believes the very topic is in violation of his/her religion.
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    @Root I agree with you there! My dad gave me the advice to, essentially, dumb myself down for conversation. Instead of speaking matter-of-factly about things, I'm trying to clearly convey when things are my opinion or when I am having trouble finding the words to explain something.

    *edit* Also, every day that passes shows me how little I really do know.
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