I feel reluctant to open my inbox as much as opening the door for an unexpected knock on a Sunday.

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    The difference is, the update mail is already standing with its foot in the door without the need to open it first. And won't just vanish. There will only be more and more with time.
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    I've created a mail-folder for this privacy policy stuff. It's growing quickly.
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    yo the chick in this image is staring directly into the camera and it feels like she's staring into the deepest depths of your soul
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    @mjones44 she's just giving you an example of what the new privacy policy feels like
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    @mjones44 isn't everyone of them like that?
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    @vigidis LMFAO you got me geeked
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    @Alice no bc the other people aren't staring into the camera...??¿¿
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    @mjones44 I think she was referring to Jehovah witnesses in general...in which case she has a point...
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    lol this is so true and funny. also now am a bit freaked out by that chic staring at me.
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